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December 09, 2008


Kris Hankins

Great to see you posting! You know... I had just bought some wood clothes pins to make this very thing. I think it is a neat idea. By the way... I love the photo canvases that you have on the wall in your house. Those are sure gorgeous.

Kris H

aletha :: pearls events

Thanks for the tutorial. I'm going to post this on my blog on Saturday morning :) It will be the "weekend craft". Not that I've ever done a weekend craft post before, but I LOVE this! Thanks for sharing with the blogging world.

Heather Moll

well, hello there, melissa! it's sure great to see you back blogging! :) :) :)

love those clothes pins! what a great idea!


how cute is this?!


Great idea for the clothes pins (better than tape) and nice to see you back in the blogging world!


welcome back! so happy to see you up and running again:)

Rachel Sheldon

super cute - I think I'm gonna do it!! But the real issue is the border showing the in the entry....just hideous. You made me laugh out loud with that one. Loved the post, it was like talking to you....short little digressions and explanations everywhere....just loved it.

Rachel Sheldon

oh yeah, I think I'll put a link to my that okay?

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