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December 12, 2008



I saw your husband tonight (I think) at The Soccer Spot. We were on field 3 at 8:20 and he was on field 1. I didn't say anything because he either didn't notice or didn't recognize me.


I get the torn thing. I'm still a Sailor through and through, but Zoe just may be an Eagle. When I took Zoe and her dear friend, Vera to their first SC vs. GRCHS football game, they were clarifying exactly what team they were cheering for. Vera turned to Zoe with great confidence and said, "We're cheering for the Seagulls." I think she may have been right.
And I earned great props that night for having taught them all of the cheers that the cheerleaders did on the way to the game. Good thing they're not mixing it up too much after 20 years!

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