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December 15, 2008



super cute!!


that is such a great idea!

aletha :: pearls events

This is absolutely adorable. Will you come to my house and make me things? You know, I only live right down the street.

If you are going to continue blogging, I might as well add your feed to my reader :)

Rachel Sheldon

Sooooo cute....but you are not allowed to say things like "my creativity was zilch" because then you become one of those people who say things that just aren't skinny people who say they are fat. This project is so stuffed with creativity that it is sqeezing itself out the sides like playdough being squished through tiny holes.

Heather Moll

those are SO cute! i absolutely love that tag!


Thank you for some fun ideas!!! These are great. I'm posting the ideas on my blog and sending them over here since I needed to add some new material! :)


i LOVE this idea, my dear.
now post this recipe.....
AND all your freezer recipes.
please and thank you.


love this and I'm anxious to try the recipe!


you are my hero. and will be my consultant in the matter if it is in GR or Abuja... :)

Thanks for sharing your creative ideas...i love it!

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