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January 14, 2009



you hardly look swollen at all!
and i'm not just saying that b/c it's your birthday.
love your list, my dear!
happy happy day!

Rachel Wissink

Mondays???? Are you kidding me?!?!?! And I thought you were normal...

christy Kennedy

You barely look swollen!! Have a great birthday!!

Veronica Zwiers

Happy birthday kiddo! and I mean kiddo!!! you young chick you!
You look barely touched by the oral surgeon!
Love the photos!
God bless you this day and always!!

PS my niece is now at Calvin College!! She loves it!


Happy Day!


love the "love" list! I agree with so many (esp. #13!), though you left me behind on the running ones:) also love the photo booth pictures - looks like you guys had fun doing them:)
(and I'd have to agree - you have a pretty wonderful husband and three pretty cool kids!)

Heather Moll

awesome list! i loved reading it! i hope your bday was great - barely swollen cheeks and all!

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