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January 30, 2009





All this in one drawer!!!!! Amazing!!!!! I am happy to know there is someone else out there with a drawer like this! (:
I believe there is still a Max and Erma's by Rivertown Mall, we went there not too long ago.
Mountain Jacks, that is hilarious!!
I need to go through my drawers! Maybe this will inspire me!
By the way what did you do with all this stuff?


WOW... how big is that drawer???

Sue McG

LOL Melissa, I'm a little afraid to even open our junk drawer, let along catalogue the contents!! Nice to see you blogging again :)

Sara Knoester

Melissa, that is impressive!!! It must feel good to have the drawer cleaned, and now you need to use some of those gift cards for a date night with Paul :)

Veronica Zwiers

now that you have my drawer itemized for me....are you going to put the mess back together again?

Heather Moll

LOL! This made me laugh SO hard!!!! I love it!

Rachel Sheldon

I love this post. It reminds of that cool show Clean Sweep on TLC. Such random things. My girls love those return address stickers too - they usually end up all over my clothes during church!

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