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January 13, 2009



I had mine out a few years ago. Mine were both impacted and one was sideways. I made the mistake of trying to eat some pizza carefully after I had it done. Big mistake, I got dry socket bad. So my Oral surgeon packed my tooth with some weird nasty tasting stuff that kept oozing out but helped the pain. That night my husband and I got to go out on a date. We went out to eat and I got to watch him pig out while I ate mashed potatoes(while the yucky stuff kept oozing out) and drank water without a straw. Good times, Good times!!!!
I remember it hurting to open my mouth a tiny bit to swallow pain pills. It gets better Thank God!!

Heather Moll

UGH! Mine were impacted as well. It was awful. I was so sick. I hope you recover quickly and don't lose too much weight.

Veronica Zwiers

Here is to a quick recovery! I was put under a general...and the recovery time was only a couple of days. I couldn't fight him as much because I was totally out of it!

Rachel Sheldon

Yuck yuck yuck....sounds like no fun. At least you are not missing out on the very few beautiful summer days of Michigan. I only got two out, but I couldn't really afford being put I just did local anesthesia....regret that...then got that dry socket or whatever its called...blah....but I don't think I have anything to complain experience was like a walk in the park compared to your surgery. Liquid diets stink and get old after 2 smoothies. I think I'd rather recovery from child labor.

Bobby Schaeffer

Ooh, yup... waiting to recover after getting those bits of wisdom removed is no fun at all. You start missing solid food after a few days of mashed potatoes and baby food. Well, in any case, good luck in your recovery. I hope you threw a big party once your pearly whites got back in action!

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