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February 17, 2010


Abby Warmington

Sounds YUM! My kids LOVE broccoli too--love that :)


How much parmesan do you use, M? I used a whole brick (holy, who knew cheese was that expensive??) and my kids did not like the dish :( They ate all the broccoli, though. I used whole wheat pasta, wonder if that affects the taste? (we mostly eat whole wheat pasta so they're used to it).


I dont add THAT much parma! LOL! Can you see from the pic at all how much was mixed in? I would say a good handful or two works. I can measure next time. I buy the 5 oz tub from Aldi and use about half. Different people in our family add or dont add to their own plates.

Mine don't like broccoli, and I"m really impressed they will eat red pepper flakes! You are clearly a much better mother than I am!

Heather M.

Yum! This looks good. I'm gonna try this. My daughter LOVES broccoli too.

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