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January 21, 2011



Hi Melissa,

I'm enjoying reading about your trip. Praying the rest goes well. And it was Freezing.Cold today, so I'm jealous too. Does Blan mean white?


Kristin - yes, a blan is a white person - and when it is spoken it sounds like bln - with no vowel.
Matéa had indoor recess today b/c it was so cold! Her class sent me an email during lunch. :)

Heather M.

I am thoroughly enjoying the posts about your trip, Melissa. I bet that was one of the best mangos you have ever eaten. It looks so good.

Kim Chapin

So good to see Charlie in your photos. He is such a great kids with a ready smile. Great pic of the two boys. Wonderful to see that your teaching talents are being utilized by not one, but two! Double blessing! They must be doing so well because of your teaching. Keep up the good work.

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